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Larry Braswell
Larry is one of those increasingly rare carbon based organisms, a native Georgian. Having grown up in a small town his thirst for experiencing new things coupled with a desire to serve his country led him to join the US ARMY. This path ultimately led him to an even smaller town in Korea where he met his wife of 25 years, and together they shared the adventure of building a family and a home. Larry is an admitted failure at resisting the acting bug. Having been invited to take part in a church drama some 20 years ago, there has been hardly a quarter where he did not take part in some routine, whether it be dramatic, comedy, or something featuring both. His favorite stage memories are taken up mostly from moments during the rehearsals and performances of everything from top flight productions like "Godspell" to the locally written and produced Christmas plays, to a couple of vignettes of his own creation, all with indicated appreciation from the several audiences and a sense that the mission of communicating THE MESSAGE had been accomplished. Larry still resides with his wonderful wife, Sonni, and is the proud parent of two wonderful young ladies, one of which has recently bestowed upon him the honor of grandfather-hood, with the birth of his first granddaughter, Maddy. Larry can be reached at this email address: shinydome@comcast.net