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Will and Barbara Jenkins
as Will and Barbara


MixedGenes is the musical marriage of a folk and jazz influenced singer and a classically trained rock and blues guitarist in its present version as a performing and composing acoustic duo.

Whether covering songs with their own spin or playing their engaging original songs of depth and emotion (and a popindie flair), Will and Barbara Jenkins please listeners with the kind of seamless chemistry that can emerge from partners who have spent decades playing music together. The pairing of Barbara's clear and powerful vocal with Will's fluent and multi level guitar is a sonic ride that invites audiences in to relax and listen or get up and dance.

They currently are recording a music CD scheduled for release in late 2011 and performing in coffee houses and bistros in the northeast Atlanta area.

Their original song "Hero" which is featured in the movie ("Special Needs") was inspired by their brave and beautiful nephew Joe (he has a cameo appearance), and coincidentally written around the same time as the movie was in production. Their other original tune, "Too Many Roads" has a brief appearance, yet lets the audience know the depth of Barbara and Will's song writing prowess.

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